NYA leap into action in preparation for tidal surges.

We awoke Thursday morning to the news that the worst tidal surges in 60 years would be hitting the East Coast.  As Brits we were all sceptical but due to the law of sod, we knew if we didn’t take adequate precautions, we would end up literally up the creek without a paddle.

The staff from our Horning and Brundall office spent the day making sure everything was ready for the worst case scenario.   Site checks were carried out throughout the day with warps and fenders being constantly re adjusted.

The main issue we faced was that the high tide wouldn’t be hitting our Brundall site until 2AM. However our ever vigilant staff had a solution to this.  Both sites were manned throughout the night by our sales and service centre staff.

Boat checks were carried out periodically, luckily we managed to avoid any damage and it appears thanks to the drop in wind, we missed the worst of the surge.

Further surges are expected later today and into the early hours. But rest assured, with our dedicated staff on hand, we will brave it whatever the weather.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stays these boaters from their plight.


As I arrived at Water's Edge, Bramerton a little early I could see Lee, Charlie and the team had everything in hand.  The Christmas music was playing, the fire lit and Lee was positioning the massive Christmas Tree outside on the decking.  By Midday the bar was buzzing with over 60 of us and everyone had a drink (or two).  James said a few words about the success of the Cruising Club, plans/ideas for trips in 2014 and finally thanked everyone involved at which point I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers - thank you James & Rebecca.
We were then all seated and started to get our food.  Everything looked and tasted lovely - plenty of food and lots of drink.  I took the opportunity to get some photographs of everyone although forgot to photograph people at the table I was sitting at - if anyone can help!!
A few more drinks and it was time to leave - several heading to BMYC to carry on with the 'spirit of Christmas' or was it the Christmas spirit!, some by car, some by minibus and a few brave ones by boat!
We had a great time, with good company and good food - our thanks to Lee, Charlie and the team (yet again) at Water's Edge and of course thanks to all of you that joined us - it was great to see so many of you.