We may not like to worry about winter now, but the prospect of frosts makes us think about the damage that a severe cold spell can do to a boat. The NYA Service Centre can prepare your boat for the approaching winter. Just call Speedo, our Service Manager on 07917 566974 or email


The official launch of the new Haines models at the beginning of last month was the culmination of a year of hard work for the factory. Although the average build time for a boat is only 14 weeks, there’s a lot more to go into developing a new model. 
Haines designers are always working with new materials and techniques to keep advancing the range. All must be carefully evaluated and tested to ensure that Haines legendary build quality is maintained.
Buyers are always welcomed to the factory where they can discuss the details of the specification, see progress on their boat and choose their fabrics and finishes.
When the designers and builders were satisfied, the new models travelled from the factory by road to NYA’s marina at Brundall for commissioning and testing before going on to Lowestoft for the official launch. The reception for these new boats – and immediate sales - prove that the year’s hard work was well worthwhile.


The launch of the new Haines models on September 1st proved the catalyst for a spectacular week of sales. 200 guests enjoyed a reception at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club at Lowestoft with an opportunity to look over the new models. Six guests bought a boat, proving that the Haines range now has something for everyone.  
The new 32 Sedan was one of the stars of the show. With a new contemporary interior, it is designed for comfortable river cruising with plenty of space for entertaining. The proud owners of the first model received their keys at the show and are now enjoying the Norfolk Broads. A second boat, also destined for the Broads was sold on the day.
Also seen for the first time was our display model of the 42 Elegance. This luxurious cruiser is designed for extended touring and living on Europe’s waterways. The first model sold is now in build for new owners in Germany, while the display model is available for immediate delivery. 
The third star of the show was the Haines 400 off-shore cruiser. Orders were placed for three boats, one after the new owner enjoyed a bumpy sea trip from Great Yarmouth in the boat the previous day. The enthusiasm for Haines continued with a used 35 Offshore also finding new owners.
These results fully justify the decision to hold a private show rather than visit the Southampton Boat Show. Our guests obviously preferred the more intimate surroundings and the opportunity to have an extended look at the new boats. With boats going to Spain and Germany as well as the Thames, Medway and Trent, there was a distinctly international flavour to the show.   


We are now in our new home at Horning, having moved a few hundred yards down the road to be nearer to our marina. The new office has been designed and fitted out around our needs. It is much more convenient for viewing and testing our extensive stock of boats. The coffee’s pretty good too so do call in if you’re passing.